Going for a treatment?Don’t worry we will tell you exactly what to expect.

Preparing yourself:

The treatment will take 45 minutes to an hour depending on your needs so allow yourself enough time to get there and get relaxed. You may need a few minutes of relaxation after your treatment so take this into account too.

We don’t have to take our clothes off… You can choose to be dressed for the treatment. Dress in comfortable clothing, it’s better to wear thin material trousers/tracksuit bottoms – or bring  a pair of shorts with you – and a t-shirt.

When you arrive:

Your therapist will, on your first visit, go through a consultation form with you. If it’s a follow up visit he/she will ask how you have been getting on since your last visit.

The consultation form is not invasive, it’s a great way for your therapist to find out about you and your needs. It can help to get to the root cause of any pain you may be in.

The Treatment:

Explained to you in your consultation will be the 2 minute breaks. The therapist will do a few ‘moves’ then leave the room for 2 minutes. This is to give your body time to ‘read the signals’ the therapist has just sent by performing the moves. This is a  part of the treatment – use the time to relax, nod off or daydream, what ever is comfortable.

After the treatment:

People have various reactions after treatments so do express to your therapist how you feel.  Your therapist will go through the common after-effects of the treatment with you – there is nothing to be concerned about but your therapist will answer any questions you have.

Between treatments:

It is recommended that there is no other form of ‘body work’ therapy 7 days before or after a Bowen treatment. This is to help the body ‘get ready’ to receive the ‘signals’ from the Bowen moves and to help the body process them afterwards. Your therapist will answer any specific questions you have.

After your 3 Bowen treatments:

Therapists will usually say 3 treatments should help with your problem – yes, it’s that good! However, it may take 1, 2 or 4. This depends on the treatments given and the root cause of the problem.  So keep a diary of how you are feeling and tell your therapist in your next session – there may be clues as to what is causing the problem.

Bowen Helped Me:

If you have found that your treatments have helped do let your therapist know. Or indeed, if not, please give that feedback to your therapist. Both sets of feedback give therapists time to reflect upon your circumstances and treatment given. It’s a great source of feedback eitherway.